A: Our robot scores every site it visits using the Keywords we select as unique for a Christian site. It scores Keywords higher when they are found in certain areas. They have a higher score if they match the words found in Titles, Descriptions, or META Keyword tags. These are furnished by the webmaster who built the web site the robot is currently visiting. For example, a word assigned Very Unique if found in the META tag will score the highest, while a Slight Unique word found in the page text will score the lowest. All the word scores are added and a total score is derived. When the average score for the web site falls below the Back out Limit, the robot backs out of the current web site and goes on to the next one. As long as the average score stays high enough it will stay and visit page after page until it reaches his Page Load Limit. It will then save the data he has extracted from the web site. When the website is added by the owner the robot uses the same preferences.

10 Very Unique
5 Unique
3 Slight Unique

5 Titles
4 Meta Descriptions
3 Meta Keywords
2 Page Text Descriptions
1 Page Text Keywords